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We are environmentally focused from the field to the factory. Following our principles of integrity, quality, and safety, Oxford Frozen Foods is dedicated to sustainable growth and production. To do this we have a continuous improvement approach. Oxford understands the value of reducing our impact on the environment.


Oxford has pioneered environmentally friendly farming practices which are being adapted industry wide, such as the use of tree lines to protect the fields, carefully managing the fields to allow them to fill in with wild blueberry plants, anti-erosion practices and many other innovative ICM techniques.


In an effort to lighten our environmental footprint we follow a strict "farm for the future" approach. Oxford is committed to long term sustainable practices to ensure that the wild blueberries continue to improve for the benefit of future generations.


We also practice good environmental practices in our factories and have adopted energy and water reduction processes to lessen our impact on the environment and the community in which we operate. We also employ a Health Safety and Environmental Director who assists us in advancing our environment friendly practices.


Oxford Frozen Foods was presented the 2010 Eco-Efficiency Award in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 1st for our continuous effort to reduce energy use and our carbon foot print.

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