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Our premium-battered products have earned a reputation for outstanding quality and exceptional value. 

You will appreciate the extra care we take in pre-frying to preserve flavour and reduce your preparation time. 

And we only use soybean or canola oil so there are zero grams of trans fat. 

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Beer Battered

Onion Rings

Perhaps our most popular appetizer of them all, our onion rings set

the standard for taste, texture and value. Whether you are looking

for Gourmet Breaded or Tempura Battered, thin or thick size;

our natural onion rings are a cut above the rest for quality, taste and yield.

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Steak-cut Onion Rings

Twice as thick for twice the taste. Our Steak-cut Onion Rings are a full one-half inch thick cut of natural Spanish onions covered in our tempura style batter. the perfect garnish for steaks and other entrees.

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Battered & Breaded

Cheese Sticks

Breaded or Battered? Whatever the choice, our plump delicious mozzarella sticks are the treat that can't be beat. Jam packed with lots of soft, stringy, premium mozzarella, and complemented with a crisp coating, they make an appealing appetizer for any occasion.

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Zucchini Wedges

Everyone will enjoy these marvelous munchies. The generous wedges are created from hand-selected zucchini. We use an extra light batter so the rich, full flavour and vibrant green skin

of the zucchini can shine through.

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 We tell our customers that our Mushrooms are the best!! And they agree. with our unique taste that mushroom lovers cannot get enough of.


Not only do they taste amazing, but it is a nourishing and healing product you can feel good about eating and feeding to your family.

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