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Employee Housing Loan Program


Our commitment to our employees and our community. We are able to provide good standing full-time employees who are first time home buyers in the Oxford School District or are relocating to the Oxford School District, a loan of equal to 20% of the value of the property to a maximum of $40,000 as a forgivable and interest free loan. 



Canada’s Best Managed Companies (Platinum Status)


This prestigious national award is sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, National Post, and Queen’s School of Business and is decided on by three independent judges who choose the top 50 company winners from across the country. 


This award brings recognition to the strengths of the Oxford Frozen Foods.  In particular, our highly dedicated and committed employees, our long-term loyal growers and customers, and our unique culture. Our culture is driven by strong rural, family, and farming values and the mantra of always looking for a better way of doing things, of encouraging and driving innovation, and of being efficient and productive while ensuring we continually improve our leadership in quality. We are always reinvesting in research and in our production capabilities, and we are fortunate to have an owner in John Bragg who is totally committed to both continuously reinvesting in the business and to the long-term success of the wild blueberry industry.  This combination of strengths, together with the fact that wild blueberries are one of the healthiest foods available worldwide, has enabled the company and the industry to grow and also provides a great recipe for growth well into the future.

Environmental Excellence in Business

Environmental Excellence in Business Award from Dalhousie University Eco-Efficiency Centre for continuous efforts to reduce energy

consumption and reduce carbon footprint.


Best Managed Company


Best Managed Companies- This prestigious national award recognizes the top 50 companies across the country based on

four categories including: strategy, capability, commitment and return on investment and in particular how they address

their business challenges like globalization, new products, innovation, customer and supplier relationships, and commitment

to a long-term business plan including succession, retention, and development of its employees.


Becoming a Shooting Star


Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation - Shooting Star Award for Outstanding Energy Efficiency Project


Social Responsibility 


Prescott Group Corporate Social Responsibility Award for recognizing organizations that demonstrate their commitment to enhancing

the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities through their continuing support and contribution. 


Global Leadership


Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters - Global Leadership Award


Workplace Safety


- Workers Compensation Board - Excellence in Workplace Safety 

- One main core values is the mindset of farming for the future (under sustainability)

- The majority of decisions made at Oxford are made with the future in mind from farmland and crop management to harvesting

   and production improvements.

- Our work on land, yields, science and harvesting technology focuses on building a strong, stable and environmentally sound

   business both for the Bragg family and for the families in the region.

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