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Twice the antioxidants than cultivated Blueberries

Wild Blueberries have more taste and twice the antioxidants than cultivated blueberries and are never planted, only harvested. So they are truly wild. Oxford manages over 24,000 acres of Wild Blueberry fields harvesting Wild Blueberries at their peak ripeness locking in their taste and health benefits using our IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology. 

BB - healthy

Wild Blueberries have deep healing properties

Not only do they taste great, Wild Blueberries are among the highest antioxidant levels of any fruit or vegetable and have twice the antioxidant properties of cultivated blueberries. Their deep blue skin is full of phytonutrients including anthocyanin and anti-inflammatories. 

The list of health benefits is truly impressive:


Brain & Heart Health • Cancer Prevention

Urinary Tract Health • Vision Health

For more information on the health benefits of Wild Blueberries visit

Wild Blueberries are

easy to enjoy.

Our frozen Wild Blueberries are a must have in any home freezer. 

And because Oxford supplies most Canadian private labels Oxford

Wild Blueberries are readily available.


Wild Blueberries can be enjoyed everyday as part of a healthy smoothie, with oatmeal, as a dessert garnish, as an ingredient in baked goods – the limit is really your imagination. 


Learn more link to recipe section of

BB process


Triple washed and Individually Quick Frozen


Handling is minimized on our Wild Blueberries and they are triple washed to ensure purity.  Then our Wild Blueberries are Individually Quick Frozen using our state of the are IQF technology within hours of harvest ensuring they are as nutritious as the day they were picked.


Our processing capacity is unmatched.


Within our eight processing facilities, we have the capacity to process over

six million pounds of Wild Blueberries a day, with warehousing that can accommodate 282 million pounds of storage. 


Quality Assurance is rigorous.


We have a highly skilled and dedicated QA department, an on-site Microbiologist and state of the art Micro analysis equipment allowing for

real time micro data on our products. Our facilities are registered through

the applicable government agencies (CFIA, USDA). We ensure our quality systems meet local and international customer requirements.  We hold Quality Certifications such as AIB Food Safety and GMP, HACCP, BRCGS

and Kosher.


We bring Wild Blueberry

Country to the world

Our home in Oxford, Nova Scotia is in the heart of the world’s largest region available for the commercial harvesting of Wild Blueberries and we are also less than two hours away from an advanced modern ship container port, located on the Atlantic Ocean in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 


Working with an extensive network of refrigerated container trucks, we ship trailer loads of our Wild Blueberries across North America. 


We take pride in working with our commercial customers to provide the most cost effective delivery options.

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